About Our Name & Logo


About Our Name & Logo

Where did “Coterra” come from?

The Coterra name is a combination of “Co”, meaning with or together, and “terra”, being the Latin term for land or earth.

“Co” also has relevancy in terms of our focus on Collaboration and quality Communication, as well as our Coordinated approach and the critical use of Coordinates in our surveying calculations.  We also like the way that C and O are the initials of Central Otago (the incredible region in which we live and work).

The story goes that Campbell had the good idea in a brainstorming session back in 2020, (along with a lot of not-so-good ideas!), but that this name was vetoed by Matt and Jack at the time.  It wasn’t until Matt had the same good idea a year or so later(!) that it gained traction with the team.  We then set about the long task of legally registering and trademarking our new name.

With the name locked in, we engaged with branding and marketing specialists Whitelaw Mitchell who helped us to create, shape and refine our identity.  Throughout the process our focus has been to respect the history and experience that we have built up as C Hughes and Associates, and to give ourselves, our staff, and our clients a modern brand to build momentum and carry us into the future.

Our new brand colours are inspired by the spectacular Central Otago landscape, and our logo incorporates symbols of precision and strategic direction.

We’re really proud of what we have achieved to date, and we look forward to delivering high quality service to our clients through our new brand.

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